Mission & Ministry Sector

There are Sunday Schools, Youth and Woman’s Fellowship in almost all the parishes. We run varied and interesting programmes for all the sections, including Bible Studies, Camps, Seminars and Sports events. Responsible for ten Parishes and three Sub-Parishes covering the entire Northern area. Also responsible for prison & Healing Ministries, inter-Fath relation and open Theological Education.



A-Pastoral Work
The Northern Diocese Mardan has 10 organized city parishes and attached with each parish are several outstation numbering not less than twenty-five where Christian Congregations are found. The strength of our workers is eight.



B-Youth Desk
It is very admiring for us that this is well looked after by our Parish Priests and their Parish Council. We are grateful for the volunteers who work in the Church and look after the welfare of the Church with a caring concern and sense of devotion.